About Us

About Us

Ausfield is a development firm that contains the in-house powerful sectors to provide the full premium property development services included but not limits to investments, site acquisitions, designs, constructions, and funds.

Ausfield concentrates on the small and medium property developments such as a block
of 10 units, townhouses, dual occupancy, luxury house or mansion in Sydney, New South Wale. We provide property investment advice and recommendations to help investors enter the property market or grow their existing portfolios.

Ausfield’s portfolio of many properties acquired by using a simple but proven strategy. This strategy works for beginners through to advanced investors, including busy professionals who treat property investments as passive income and seeks an easy-tofollow, lower-risk strategy.

Ausfield’s difference is that we are focused on creating a long-term relationship with you rather than conduct a one-off transaction. We are a friendly and approachable team who are with many years of property investment experience and we will tailor a personal approach based on your goals and objectives to create the best property strategy for you.

We have established the Ausfield Fund, an equity fund, to protect investor rights and value transparency in property development. The fund is managed by a professional accounting firm.